A setup creation tool for live-oriented musicians

astrux live tool


expandable audio mixer with channel strips, effects, submixes ...

personal monitoring buses with automatic touchosc presets generation

support for external effects loop

configurable midi patch with routing and filters

audio/midi backing tracks

save mixer states for each song (including personal monitoring mixes)


Linux based, using FLOSS only

Audio engines : non-mixer, ecasound

Midi engines : mididings, jpmidi, smfplayer

Sampler engine : linuxsampler

supported communication protocols : MIDI, OSC, TCP socket


Hosted on github :


All audio/midi parameters are accessible trough OSC, MIDI and TCP commands. Memo files are available as a reference to accessible parameters after project generation.
Each audio output bus has independent controls, allowing personal monitoring mixes, and in-the-box foh mixing (individual inputs can also be routed to single hardware outputs for out-of-the-box mixing).
The whole astrux tool can be configured from the command-line without any GUI. It is based on standard INI files and a few scripts. A setup mode GUI exists as a frontend, generating the same necessary configuration files.
Also a live GUI exists for a user-friendly experience, but any OSC/MIDI/TCP remote can be used if the correct messages are passed/handled to/from astrux.
Audio players are based on ecasound. When a project containing multiple players on songs is started, ecasound will load all songs chainsetups in the background, but connect only one will be connected at a time. this allow for fast context switching from one song to another.
You can define replacement tracks to feed a strip with pre-recorded material. Just in case some real human is not here to do the job.



jack synchronised MIDI file player


expandable audio mixer with channel strips, effects, submixes ...


Hosted on sourceforge :


jpmidi is a Midi-file player that uses Jack-Midi and synchronises to Jack-Transport.
It is a command-line only tool.


RME Totalmix fx with multiple midi controllers

Puredata Patch

puredata patch


With RME Totalmix FX actual version V0.984 on MAC OSX, it's not really easy to have multiple midi controllers doing modifications at the same time on the window.
With my band we have 4 musicians. Each musician has a stereo mix for in-ears (AN3/4, AN5/6, PH9/10, PH11/12). Each musician has a midi controller to change his (sub)mix. This midi controller is programmed with all CC in reference to the references in the manual.
For a better view of the midi controls, i've created a
Totalmix FX midi reference table.
To make it possible using it live, i've first used an external midi router to do the trick, but now that PureData is used in our liveset, i found an even more elegant way to do it with a patch.
This patch can be used by anybody having the same need, with very few modifications.

Version 2 add the ability to control the submix volume.

Instructions are included in the patch
You can download V1 of the patch by clicking here
You can download V2 of the patch by clicking here


Chameleon Looper skin

realtime sampling looper engine for the chameleon hardware

chameleon looper logo

Looper is a soundskin for the chameleon hardware platform, allowing realtime sampling and looping of stereo signal synchronized with a midi clock input signal.

Project Management : Raphaël Mouneyres

Developper : Damien Leroux (bl0b)


  • Four Stereo loops
  • Midi control for play, loop, rec and stop
  • Seperate Midi CC for Volumes of each loops and each channel
  • Syncable to MIDI clock
  • maximum 10 second Loop time per loop


The chameleon platform