Custom Shop

Home built, hand made, with passion

I can built electronic devices on request, those presented here have been built for musicians with a specific need. As they could not find an answer with existing products, they asked for a custom build.


  • A/B box

    kind of A/B switcher Box with added external loop. Two inputs, and two outputs

    October, 2013

  • marshall based amp

    Custom 40W transistor guitar amplifier, based on a Marshall design with some special in house addons. From Pure clean to trash sounds. Codename : the Devil Deluxe Driver.

    April, 2013

  • midi switcher

    Custom MIDI switcher with 5 loops, and 3 relay outputs. Large 16x2 LCD display for easy programmation

    December, 2013

  • mini tube amp

    All tube 1/4W amp based on 6N16B sub-miniature tubes. Powered with a single 12VDC transformer, and fits in a Hammond 1590B pedal box :)

    March, 2013

  • reamp box

    Transformer reamp box with switchable input. Has a selective passive/inductive switch to tweak the frequency response.

    January, 2013

  • treble booster

    This well know Treble booster is a standard for tube amps, fitted with a NOS OC71 germanium transistor.

    February, 2013

  • diy pads

    Pad stand for a stand up stage percusionnist.

    July, 2012

  • edrum

    Complete mesh edrum set with real size snare and toms. The edrum module is also an in house build, usb powered to play with a software sampler program.

    June/July 2012

  • Mutron phasor

    Mutron PhasorII clone in a 19' rack.

    March 2013

  • Ring octaver

    Modified green ringer circuit with three positions

    July, 2013

  • Sansamp hack

    Sansamp Bass driver DI hack : add the jacks allowing to switch poisition from an external footswitch or a midi switcher.

    July, 2013


Sometimes it's not about brand new builds, but reparing older units

  • Beyerdynamic m55

    This beyerdynamic M55 microphone was not working anymore and you could hear parts moving inside. It has been fixed and stuffed with a brand new XLR connector for more years of use.

    December, 2013

  • Tesla Echolana tape delay

    This Vintage tape delay needed a serious cleanup. With some components replacements and upgrades, and custom cables it is now back to life.

    June, 2014

  • Vox Ribbon mic

    Changed ribbon and shockmount on this microphone from the 60's. Added XLR connector.

    May, 2014

Guitar related

make them sound better

  • Hohner

    This Hohner SE35 semi-hollow guitar with a bigsby needed some serious work to sound correctly. Changed stock microphones with Gibson Classic 57's, vintage tropical fish capacitors, and complete rewiring.

    April, 2012

  • Gibson SG

    Changed stock 490T microphone for a splittable Classic 57. Added a switch in between the knobs, and changed capacitor for vintage POI.

    December, 2012

  • LesPaul Studio

    A Custom LesPaul Studio guitar body found in an old house ... only a piece of wood, but a great one ! Added brand new mechanics, bridge, electronics, caps, and it's now ready to rock!!

    December, 2013

  • LesPaul capacitor

    Another LesPaul guitar, changing capacitors for vintage ones.

    January, 2014